- Your one stop for Info!***SC Veterans Policy Academy***
- Your one stop for Info!***SC Veterans Policy Academy***

About SC Veterans Policy Academy


Our Vision                                                                                                              

Paving the Road for Healthy Lives for Veterans & Their Families


Our Goals

  1. Locate South Carolina Veterans who served in the active, guard, and reserve forces and their respective families;
  2. Reduce intake points for triage of veterans and their families. An overabundance of entry points causes confusion among veterans, especially those with mental health, physical limitations, and substance abuse problems, sometimes resulting in their not seeking help;
  3. Communicate among all stakeholders to identify and share information about resources to assist veterans and their families;
  4. Reduce duplication across state agencies with regard to their roles in assisting veterans and their families;
  5. Identify resources (Federal, State or private) to assist and educate veterans and family members with problems.

Our History
Why was SC Veterans Policy Academy founded? How did the organization develop and how is it still developing? Find out more about our history.

Who is behind SC Veterans Policy Academy? Who are its leaders? Take a peek behind the scenes. Meet our supporters.

Our committees focus on certain organizational areas within SC Veterans Policy Academy. Find out more about the areas in which the committees are active. Maybe you would like to get involved in one of them! To the Committees.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Click through our photo gallery and get to know us. To theGallery.

Support Us

We are an organization that helps SC Veterans find information and we welcome any kind of support. If you would like to help out, please email us.


SC Veterans Policy Academy

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